We're: Part Interior Design + Part Building Science & 100% Heart
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Need help understanding how your spaces can support the wellbeing of your people and organization? 

Our research-driven approach supports clients with diverse commercial placemaking needs.

We specialize in workplace strategy facilitation to identify ways your office can enhance your organization's business goals such as enhanced productivity and collaboration while supporting staff wellbeing. Additionally, our expertise in Biophilic Design allows us to work side by side with clients and design teams to help guide the successful integration of the healing benefits of nature-based designs into our workplaces, play places and education spaces.  


"We shape our buildings; thereafter they shape us." -Winston Churchill 


Research & Education

At Interweave People Place, we're committed to broadening the understanding of how our buildings impact people's quality of life. 

We're honored to work with design firms and individual projects investigating diverse metrics on how buildings impact the people in the spaces through a review board approved research process.  We're dedicated to sharing the information on how our buildings impact people through intuitive conversations that translate easily to future design solutions. 

We'd love to understand your research needs to see how we can support your goals with our team.  

Selection of Research & Recent Speaking Engagements: 

  • The Power of Place, Guest Lecturer- University of Tennessee Knoxville-College of Architecture & Design

  • Biophilia in the Built Environment, Speaker, -USGBC Georgia Emerging Professionals

  • Biophilia & Biomimicry, Guest Lecture- Savannah College of Art and Design

  • The Business Case of Sustainable Design, Guest Lecture -University of Georgia College of Environment & Design

  • Integrating Nature into our Buildings, Guest Speaker, Biophilic Leadership Summit, Serenbe

  • Casamassima, B., & Totten, S. (2016). People or Places: Evidence Based Design Supports Holistic Approach, Design for Equilibrium. Vol. 2016 pp. 38-41

Interweave People Place Has Been So Thoughtful In Helping Make A Simpler, Organized And Well-Designed Environment. They Truly Helped Facilitate And Inspire More Vibrant Spaces Throughout.
— Adam


Rightsizing? Life Transition? Simply want to be madly in love with your home again?

We can help. We use the science of how space can enhance your wellbeing to support you. Our approach can work with you as much or as little as you need. Whether it's working side-by-side on a plan to rightsize what no longer serves you, creating an interior design vision that utilizes your existing items in a new way or creating a completely new home from scratch - we're here with you. 

We look forward to hearing from you!